Nine Things to Know about Birding in Panama

Lance-tailed Manakin, Greg Kanies

Lance-tailed Manakin, Greg Kanies

  • At about 29,000 square miles, Panama is roughly the size of South Carolina and three-fourths the size of Virginia, but the Central American nation’s bird list includes more than 950 species.

  • Of the bird species tallied in Panama, 650 occur in the Panama Canal watershed.

  • Panama is home to about a dozen bird species found nowhere else.

  • Panama harbors about 10,000 varieties of plant, of which about 1,200 are orchids.

  • The largest one-day count for hawk migration occurred in Panama in 2014, numbering more than 2 million birds.

  • Panama’s national bird is the American Harpy Eagle. Females can weigh up to 20 pounds, about twice the size of a large male, and wingspan can reach more than 7 feet, making this increasingly rare species a rival for the title of world’s largest eagle.

  • Panama City is the only national capital that includes a rainforest within city limits.

  • ASNV is sponsoring a birding trip to Panama in February. See details below.

  • If two more participants sign up for the trip, the travel company handling arrangements will donate $1,600 more to ASNV, helping the society to advance its work on bird conservation.

Birding in Panama, Alex Proimos

Birding in Panama, Alex Proimos

Travel with ASNV to Panama

Sign up soon for ASNV’s eight-day, seven-night, Panamanian birding adventure, including two nights at the Canopy Tower, three nights at Canopy Lodge, and two nights at Gamboa Rainforest Resort.


With more bird species than any other Central America nation, and with diverse ecosystems ranging from rainforest to coastline, Panama is a perfect destination for birders and nature lovers. Accompanied by an expert local birding guide, you’ll discover Panama’s tropical ecology and biological diversity while learning about current efforts to protect the country’s important wildlife habitats. Visit many well-known birding trails, woodland habitats, tropical rainforests, and the iconic Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal.


  • Explore Soberanía National Park, home to 525 bird species, and hike the world-famous Pipeline Road.

  • Seek out target species such as the Blue Cotinga, Snowcap, endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker, raptors, tanagers, and more.

  • Stay in a tower where you can have unlimited eye-to-eye looks at species seldom seen below the rainforest’s canopy layer.

  • Visit the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and watch for the 14 hummingbird species that observers have recorded at center feeders.

Find details of the trip, including itinerary, pricing and other information, by clicking here, where you can download the trip brochure and sign up for this birding adventure.

If you have questions, contact Gerry Abbott at  or at 870-219-2929.

Travel Dates: February 15-22, 2019

Cost: $3,550 per person, not including international airfare; single-room supplement, $200